Monday, March 27, 2006

"Shards of Glass" is my middle name

I am amazing. I somehow managed to break not one, but TWO drinking glasses by the time the afternoon rolled around today.

The most annoying thing about the second incident is that I had just gotten back from the grocery store and was about to pour myself some milk, when my glass somehow slipped from my hand, shattered, and spewed shards of glass everywhere... including into my open gallon of milk. Sad. So even though I just went to the stinkin' grocery store, I still don't have milk.

Two glasses by the afternoon. I'm beginning to worry what's next. Watch out. This girl should be considered extremely dangerous.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Singing Out Loud

The problem I'm having right now is that I'm doing some homework in the library. Mathy homework, which is my favorite kind of homework... not just because I'm a geek, but also because it's the only kind I can do effectively while listening to music. So of course I've got my headphones on. And let me tell you, I am having the HARDEST time not bursting out in song. I want to sing along so bad! But the library is so quiet, so I can't. Instead, I'm settling for just bobbing my knee and shaking my head with the beat, with the occasional mouthing of the lyrics. People who pass are looking at me with puzzled looks on their faces. Some are kind of smirking, like they know all too well the urge that I'm struggling to fight at the moment (or they think I'm crazy). But goodness. You gotta sing when your spirit says sing.

Speaking of singing like a lunatic... The other day, as I was walking home from school, I passed three different guys with headphones on who where rocking out... and when I say "rocking out," I REALLLY mean it. They were completely uninhibited, singing and gettin' down something fierce as they walked down the sidewalk. These were entirely unconnected events. It really made me happy. Plus they were listening to good music. One guy was jamming to Incubus' "Stellar," another was totally nailing the chorus to the Darkness' "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" (he seriously was... that one was AWESOME to see), and sadly I can't remember what the last guy was singing, but I do remember that I was impressed. I was a little shocked that I got to be the witness to something as exciting as this not just once, but THREE times in a row... my walk home normally is pretty mundane.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that with you. Back to the grindstone. And back to fighting my urge to rock out.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I walked into the apartment earlier today and found a pleasant surprise. It seems that Star discovered a new song while I was gone. When I came in, she was listening to it over & over on her computer, and I happily joined in. Now both of us are nursing a healthy obsession. It's a good thing, because I think I was overdue for my next big obsession. I like this song so much. It's called "Run" by Snow Patrol.

To share in the joy, listen up.

Here are the lyrics. They give me goosebumps. I'm such a sucker.

I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

Louder louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do

Light up...

Slower slower
We don't have time for that
All I want is to find an easier way
To get out of our little heads

Have heart my dear
We're bound to be afraid
Even if it's just for a few days
Making up for all this mess

Oh the sweetness. I'm a fan. I hope this little addition to your day brightened it a bit. It sure lit up mine.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cops are sneaky. I don't like it.

Cops are sneaky. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not really a fan. I know, I know, I should be grateful to them because they're an important part of society, yadayda. Deep down I probably am, but right now I'm just not all that excited about them. Sorry if any of you are aspiring police men or women. I'm sure you're really a good person... just like my 5th grade math teacher.

My awareness of the unpleasantness of cops was heightened this weekend. You see, on Friday I threw some clothes into my little duffel and settled myself down in my car for the long drive to my sister's place in LA (sorry, not your LA, Ronnie). It was a great trip--I can never have too much open-roadage. A road trip always sounds like a good idea to me. But cops certainly dampen the experience.

Speed limit schmeed limit. Why are they so obsessed? Here's where I really noticed the sneaky nature of the police. On Monday I was driving back to P-town, after a long weekend of laughing and lots of late-night movie watching, when I saw on the side of the road a poor, innocent speeder caught red-handed. (So maybe he wasn't THAT innocent... but whatever.) I always empathize with poor souls like that because I myself am a speeder. So anyway, this car had been pulled over by an undercover cop, which stinks even more than just being pulled over. But what stinks even MORE than that is the kind of car this particular cop was driving. A brand new Ford Mustang. Silver. Does that seem wrong to anyone else? When a speeder sees a Ford Mustang on the highway, she should be able to accurately assume that she's in the company of another fellow limit-breaker. After all, what else is a Mustang for? Am I wrong? Who sees a shiny new Mustang and thinks "Oh, I better slow down; that might be a cop undercover"? I can understand thinking that with an Impala or a Lumina or some ol' frumpy thing, but not a 2006 sports car. I tell ya, they're out to get us. It really has come to that. Their objective is this: to ease you into feeling comfortable about breaking the law and then -BAM- slap you with a ticket. Sounds like leading a person carefully down to hell if you ask me. Good grief. Cops are sneaky.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Found Soon

So... thanks in large part to the amazing Bryant, my blog is up and running. I was a little distraught when, after fixing up my settings and clicking "view blog," I was redirected to a site that said my blog was "Not Found." Yikes. That seemed a little depressingly final to me.
Not Found.
Thank goodness I was chatting with B at the time because his assurances that I would be "found soon" helped me through this trying time. Apparently, you have to actually post something before a blog is really a Blog. That's unfortunate for you... mostly because it means you're getting this nonsensical blabber as my first post simply so that I can look at my webpage and feel like I've created something today. I guess I'm just selfish like that, but it does feel pretty neat to create something. More to come.