Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow and Teaching

I've been meaning to try blogging again and just haven't ever gotten around to it. But Provo Platinum looked so sad today with only 1 new post on the whole page. I thought I'd better just write something quick so that Kim's post didn't feel so lonely.

So here's the scary thing that happened to me today. I was driving home from school at around 9:30 this morning and noticed that the little bit of rainy drizzle we were getting had changed over to snow. No big deal. I'm a fan of putting more snow on the ground to keep the ski slopes in good shape. Then a few minutes later I got a text from Bryant up in Salt Lake saying, "it's snowing like crazy up here!" Still not much of a big deal. I don't want the roads to be crappy for him driving home tonight, but a little snow right now isn't something to worry about.

Then at about 10:00am I got another call. This time it's the econ professor that I'm a teaching assistant for. It seems his flight was running a bit late, and he just now landed in Salt Lake (where it's "snowing like crazy" remember). This means he's going to be late for lecture today. Yikes. He wants me to teach the class until he gets there, which he hopes will be only about 30-40 minutes late.

Okay! I acted like it was no big deal when I was talking to Dr. Norman on the phone.... but I was faking it. Remember how I bright red I turn whenever I have to get up in front of a crowd... even if I'm not embarrassed? Remember how I don't want to be a teacher? Remember how talking about economics to large groups makes me nervous? I can handle a few students at time during my weekly TA sessions, but this is the whole class. Plus, we JUST started a new unit, so I'll have to be teaching new stuff, rather than just reviewing what Dr. Norman already taught.

Snowing like crazy in Salt Lake, huh? Oh well. Wish me luck. I'm headed up to campus now. This is going to be a fun growing experience for everyone... me AND the students who have to sit through me. At least now I feel like I really deserve the A-Lot sticker that I use illegally. :)