Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Dating a Nerd

I hadn't really thought about it before, but I recently realized that Bryant's bedroom walls make him look like a total nerd. It's pretty amusing. Here are a few highlights of the things that he has hanging there:

  1. An autographed photo of two Star Trek stars--from the time he met them at a convention. I'm not even sure which two guys they are, but they look like the really famous ones to me... Spock and Shatner? (He might break up with me after discovering that I don't know who they are. Either that or I'll have to pledge to watch the entire series with him. And don't tell anyone, but I actually think I'd enjoy it.)
  2. A photo of the whole Star Trek crew with Bryant's head photoshopped in as one of the cast members--also a relic from the convention.
  3. An authentic, small-scale replica of the Zelda sword and shield--a Christmas gift from his brother. It came with the soundtrack to the new Zelda Wii video game. Honest.

Add to that the multiple shelves filled with books about computer programming, physics, math, etc., and you've got yourself one mighty-fine beau. The other day I told him that the empty space in one corner of his room would be just perfect for a tall plant or some cool decoration. He started fantasizing about the giant computer server that he was going to build there. He really comes by it naturally. He is absolutely my favorite nerd ever.


the narrator said...

you just realized that bryant is a nerd????


Bryant said...

I am a little ashamed that you didn't recognize the people in my autographed photo. It's Bill Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard). And, actually, I didn't get it at a convention. I bought it on ebay.

And, the other picture, I got at the Star Trek attraction at the Hilton in Las Vegas.

You might owe me a trip there in addition to watching the whole series (which I'm holding you to).

Mr. Andrews said...

Follow-up thought of the day: What does your bedroom say about you?

For me, since I have an entire apartment to myself, use both bedrooms as receptacles for my stuff, but frequently end up sleeping on the sofa instead, I think the message is that I have multiple personalities, none of which (whom?) I actually like.

Bryant said...

It's a lot of work to hate more than one of yourself.

kel said...

to Loyd -- I always knew he was a nerd! Goodness, one of the first times I met him, he wouldn't come hang out with us because he and Tyler were trying to derive the volume of a sphere using only the fundamentals of calculus. I just was surprised that his WALLS reveal him to be such a nerd before the guy even has to open his mouth.

to Bryant -- uh, the hating multiple selves comment was a little random. And I know I let you down with my insufficient knowledge of Star Trek... you just might be able to talk me into owing you a trip to Vegas. ;)

to Russ -- I love my walls. I think they capture me pretty well: paintings by street artists from Slovakia, Austria, and Italy; a Maxfield Parrish poster of gorgeous trees at twilight; a print of a musician holding his umbrella over his cello in the rain; bookshelves with books about social inequality, Africa, economic development, and women's lit; and family photos. Hehe - I think the books are a big tip off.

*star said...

I lived with you for years, and I am well aware that your walls are just a clever cover for the nerd deep in your core. Come on, fess up. You are probably one of the only people I know who would find real enjoyment in cleaning sand out of the tiny holes of glass beads.

At some point Russell, you, and I were having a competition to see who was the biggest nerd. Did we ever decide who won?

Stefani said...

Let me know who wins your competition. Ronnie and I have had an ongoing disagreement about who is weirder. He definitely is, and I dare anyone to disagree with me.

Kim said...

I definitely disagree with you Stef and I feel that I am an expert on this subject as I have lived with you for two years and I have also known Ronnie for going on three. Here are my top five reasons why:
1)You sleep upside down in the family room chair with the blood rushing to your head...not just snoozing, completely out.
2) You eat mac-n-cheese WITH tuna
3) Often when you sleep you pound on the bed as if you are inviting someone to jump right in with you
4) You are opposed to spooning
5) You are dating Ronnie
hahaha, i am just kidding about that last one. But, don't worry, I still love you!

Bryant said...

#2 is good. The rest are weird.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been spending the night there.

kel said...

Looks like anon needs to polish his/her reading comprehension skills.

Sorry anon, you've overstayed your welcome on my blog. I've tired of your loud, ignorant opinions and your giant superiority complex. No more anonymous comments.

And if this anon is different from the one who keeps bugging me (it does sound like this could possibly be the good-natured handy work of my brother-in-law rather than the crazed anti-mormon from the last post), then I'm sorry, and your comment here could actually be funny... but I'm still sick of anonymous posts all the same.

Dave said...

signed star trek posters? I am in nerdvana. nothing wrong with being a nerd - I made your sister watch all of TNG, DS9, Voyager, SG1 and SGA. she liked it too.

My nerdiness of the moment is watching flight of the conchords - just check out the song business time and tell me you aren't sold.

vox said...

Is it retarded to post to old blogs? Probably. But I only just met you. so that's my excuse..

One - that's why Bryant is cool
Two - I think Spock is totally sexy. There I said it. I'm out of the closet. Picard is pretty hot too, but everyone knows that.